Autumn Walks

I love walking all year round, and each season has its own charm. The sea of purple-pink and creamy white corydalis (Lerchensporn) in spring, the wild flower meadows in early summer, the bright berries in August-September… they are for me all highlights…

But nothing beats the colours of autumn.

Some of the treasures I've collected over the last few days

Near our home the woods are a mix of evergreens, sycamores and beech, nut trees and oak, which means every possible shade of autumn colour. Morning mists, wind, drizzle and damp are all a part of this magical season for me. Even if the weather isn’t ideal I think the autumn colours are enough to tempt anyone out for a walk in the countryside.

If you are in Bavaria, have a look at some Walks in Bavaria here,  or those of you in the UK should look at these recommendations from the RHS website for Walks in the UK.