Winter quarters

There is still a pretty Fuschia on my front doorstep; a welcoming sight in the grey days we’ve had recently.

It was one of my bargain finds at the DIY store in the spring – covered in fly. Then it refused to flower in the summer heat. In September it began to flourish, and it is still looking good now, at the end of October! (This time last year we had already had snow!) It will have to come in soon though. A shame.

(By the way, the fuchsia was named after a well-known German botanist, Leonhart Fuchs, who came from Bavaria and studied not far from us.)

Another of my garden bargains was an Abutilon… again covered in fly when I bought it, but it recovered and was beautiful up until the beginning of August. The bees and insects love it.

Unfortunately the heat of August got to it, and I should have moved it to a shadier spot before it was too late… Still, I have taken it in, and it now stands at the window in the cellar, where I hope it will recover for next year. If it does, I shall find a better position for it as a reward!

Two years ago I was given this fabulous plant…

… a Dipladenia (or Mandeville)… and it has just grown and grown! (It’s a climber). I take it in fairly early and it is easy to care for through the winter… light and water are important, as it remains green and bushy. It loves  needs(!) heat and sunshine in the spring, otherwise it won’t flower so prolifically.

Other plants I’ve taken in are my Cordyline (Keulenlilien), one geranium and my baby Aeonium arboreum  ‘Atropurpureum’. Oh, and my rosemary and bay tree (which is only about 12cm tall!).

Everything else will have to brave the cold I’m afraid.