I love watching my Amaryllis grow day by day, and  in the last few days it has become a real monster!


The Amaryllis, or Belladonna Lily, is really too grand for its pretty-pretty name, which also does not reflect its origins, sounding more Italian to me. Originally various species came from South Africa, or the Caribbean and South America. The latter are now called ‘Hippeastrum’.

Hippeastrum – I like this name better… to me ‘hippeastrum’ conjures up images of flower power, monstrous and clashing colours, and exotic dances!

Is there a flower name that captures your imagination? Let me know what  it is!

5 thoughts on “Amaryllis

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  2. Guten Tag, Kathy dearHeart: oh, sugar – does climate not make a difference 🙂 ! ERSTLICH: your amaryllis is lovely – but we, oh the so irreverent Aussies, call it simply a ‘hippy’ and, yes, they DO grow rather well here. Keep on collecting: we have literally hundreds in our nursery catalogues. My favourite comes from your way: the very simple lily-of-the-valley, which I remember collecting from under the forest trees in S Germany as a child. Hate to think what it cost my husband-to-be’s family but I had a triangular bridal bouquet of them, way past my calf and that in autumn here 🙂 ! Enjoy your amaryllis . . .

  3. Hi Cathy: My home is in a pretty semi-rural area in the Southern Highlands of NSW, about 100km S of Sydney – sometimes too far from where it’s at 🙂 ! Don’t have a blog at the moment and descend like a cuckoo-bird on those of others 🙂 ! I work pretty fulltime and study and help friends who are involved in i’national relief organizations – pretty long days and with health problems. My main interest being food, am a little too far from the action, but am working on a few ideas possibly for next year 😀 !

    • Eha, it would be lovely to see your part of the world, and maybe some recipes since you love food… when you get the time, a blog would be great! 😉

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