Soup Therapy

It’s cold. It’s damp. It’s grey. I usually walk my dogs whatever the weather and feel so much better after getting out in the fresh air, but one of our dogs has been out of action for a few days, and now we are all feeling under the weather.

To warm me up and cheer me up I decided to spend some time in the kitchen, turning this…

into this…..

It worked wonders!

Recipe (makes LOADS! Freeze what you don’t need for a rainy day!):

Chop 2 red onions and 2 yellow, and saute in olive oil in a BIG pan until soft. Dice 1 butternut squash and 1 other small pumpkin (or 2 butternut), 2 potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes and 2 carrots. Add to the pan. Now add about 1.5 litres vegetable stock (I used 1.2 Litres and made up the rest with milk). Season with a little salt, and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Put the lid on and simmer (do not boil) until veggies are soft.

Leave to cool a little before pureeing. Add a dollop of (vegan) cream or creme fraiche. And voila!

2 thoughts on “Soup Therapy

  1. Oh my absolutely favourite soup – I have already made a big batch and frozen it into individual portions. I can see another pot coming up using all the leftover squash from Halloween. Have you tried Squash and apple? That is yum too!!

    I hope that doggie is better now? Poppy has also been out of action as she had a lump removed and thankfully it was benign. Hugs and hope you both feel better soon xx

  2. I often make a very similar soup, but instead of squash or pumpkin I use leek, fennel, even kohlrabi or whatever is in season. Delicious!

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