Baking calms me

Measuring out ingredients, weighing and sieving, concentrating on a recipe – checking down the list that I haven’t left out anything, and being alone in my warm kitchen is comforting and calming.

The scent of cardamom is also therapeutic as I associate it with warmth and happiness.

So what could be better on a drab winter’s day than making cardamom cupcakes?

The Vegan Cupcakes recipe book I mentioned a couple of weeks ago (see here) has been whispering to me on and off since I saw this recipe for Cashew Cream Cardamom Cupcakes.

Today I listened.

I had all the ingredients for the cakes, but not for the frosting, so I improvised there.

The house smelt cosy after they’d been in the oven a few minutes.

They taste fabulous. I’m so impressed with the results… no dairy, no eggs, yet light and fluffy and flavoursome.

I won’t write down the recipe, as I think you should buy this book yourselves, vegan or not. Is that mean? Not at all. It is a wise investment in these days of economic crisis. (You will be able to pass it down to your grandchildren without it losing in value!)

Here’s the link to amazon. Put it on your wishlist for Christmas!

And dream of cardamom cupcakes…