November Colour

November is definitely not the best time of year to try taking photos of gardens! Yet my Mum’s garden has still got a few beauties. Winter certainly hasn’t reached this patch of middle England yet.

Look at this fabulous Fuchsia – a hardy one which I could only dream of in my own garden in Germany. It looks almost plastic here, like some gaudy Christmas tree decoration… wouldn’t they make great earrings!!

Then there is still this single Penstemon flower remaining, trembling a little in the high winds we’ve been having.

And the pretty Cotinus coggygria ‘Purpureus’ (Smoke Bush), which catches the afternoon sunshine (when there is any… we’ve barely had a few rays in the past ten days!)

Everything is still looking so green and alive as there has barely been any frost here yet. It is incredibly mild this autumn in England.