International Mountain Day

Today is International Mountain Day.

Grosser Ahornboden, just over the Austrian border

The United Nations has designated this day to creating awareness about the importance of mountains to life. And this year the theme is Mountains and Forests.

Mountain forests are not only the habitat of numerous endangered species, but are also essential sources of timber for local people. Forest management is therefore critical to the protection of woodland globally.

Since the Alps are only a couple of hundred kilometres away (on a very clear day you can sometimes even see them from a nearby hill), I felt this day is worth a mention here.

I love travelling to the mountains, at any time of year. Here are a few of my favourite photos taken over the last few summers.

The view from Mount Jenner near Lake Koenigssee

Lake Obersee

The Risstal valley, just over the Austrian border

Early morning mist rising over Lake Koenigssee

The view from the Rossfeldstrasse toll road near Berchtesgaden/Salzburg

Lake Fernsteinsee, Austrian side of the Zugspitz Mountain