Was it a white one?

I love snow at Christmas. Unfortunately there was no sign of any in the UK this year, with extremely mild temperatures recorded here. In Germany it was also a green Christmas.

Mum’s Heuchera thinks it’s late summer!

There’s a saying in German:

Weihnachten im Schnee, Ostern im Klee

(Christmas in snow; Easter in clover)

Apparently it is known in English too, but the other way round!

A green Christmas; a white Easter

(Some people say it that way round in Germany too, as both seem to be true.)

I prefer the German version because it rhymes!

Despite a different climate, there are amazing similarities between weather proverbs in the UK and in Germany.

There is a lot of truth in them, and even if they are not always correct, they are certainly just as good as the long-term weather forecast!