Love it or hate it

I travelled back to Germany on New Year’s Eve, and while standing in a queue at the airport to buy my last British newspaper of 2011 I noticed a large basket of Marmite jars near the till. Now, this may seem strange to anyone who isn’t British, so let me explain…

Marmite is a British yeast extract spread, rich in B vitamins, usually eaten on toast or in sandwiches, but also added to soups or stews. It is popular with vegetarians and is also one of the first spreads given to babies, hence the term “Marmite baby”.

I am a Marmite baby… I was weaned on it and hence I love the stuff!

The recent advertising campaign for Marmite was: Love it or hate it, and it is so true, there seems to be no inbetween.

Unfortunately it is hard to come by in Germany… I’m lucky, as a former colleague of mine runs a British shop ( selling all those things Brits miss when away from home. (Such as decent teabags, baked beans, orange marmalade and custard powder!) So I didn’t have any in my suitcase as I’m well-stocked at the moment.

… But I did pack some curry paste, teabags, spearmint polos ….. and a huge block of Cheddar cheese! 🙂