Words for a drab January morning

Optimism is an essential tool in the gardener’s kit.

Anna Pavord

– – – –

Hope you get some January sunshine wherever you are!

– – – –

Word of the day

ignominious (adjective)

  • Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame. Embarrassing, humiliating, undignified or dishonourable.

– Some of his friends considered a job as a window-cleaner to be an ignominious fate for the former bank manager.

– The top soccer team suffered an ignominious defeat, witht their opponents winning seven goals to nil!

5 thoughts on “Words for a drab January morning

  1. With all the neglect, my garden is in an ignominious state. I love words and this one is perfect! Somehow that ignominious garden has taken on more importance. Thanks!

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