Words: Laughter (and tears…)

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

Victor Hugo

Laughter is the best medicine

He who laughs last laughs longest

Synonyms: giggle, guffaw, cackle, chuckle, chortle, snigger, titter, howl

(My personal favourite is giggle)


  • to laugh on the other side of one’s face
  • to laugh up one’s sleeve
  • to laugh one’s head off
  • to laugh all the way to the bank
  • to be good for a laugh
  • don’t make me laugh
  • you have to laugh
  • LOL




“Tears are the silent language of grief”


In October last year I wrote that we had planted a walnut tree a year earlier. It was given a nice strong bamboo cane as support, and planted in a clearing on the edge of the woods on our land behind the house.

Last week we noticed footprints in the snow leading up to it… and to our sorrow we saw there was just a stump left – about 30cm high. Following the footprints back to the path, there lay our small tree, broken, bamboo cane still attached. If it hadn’t been for the snow we would not have seen the footprints and would have assumed a wild animal had destroyed it…

I just wonder why?


If you don’t laugh you’ll cry