Red, Blue or Purple?

In English we call it red cabbage.

In the north of Germany it is the same: Rotkohl.

However, the Bavarians see things differently…. their cabbage is blue! (Blaukraut).

I can go one step further today, because I would say my cabbage soup is purple… or maybe pink? Mauve? Whatever it is, it’s pretty! What colour would you call it?!

When cooked it does tend to look more blue. Only acidic dishes remain red…. which perhaps explains why it is called red cabbage in the north, where vinegar is often added to cabbage dishes.

Since there is very little in the way of local seasonal veg near where I live, I’m experimenting with cabbage first. It is rich in iron and vitamin C, and can be bought fresh almost all year round. And it’s traditional!

Now, I am not going to tell you that this dish will convert you if you don’t like cabbage… Personally I can eat small amounts of sauerkraut, and I love red cabbage raw, yet this was a little too “German/Bavarian” for me. Needless to say, my (German) other half loved it! So here it is, in all its purple glory!

Purple Cabbage Soup

Chop one medium onion and sautee in oil until soft.  Add one chopped potato and about 2 cups grated red cabbage, some seasoning, 400ml vegetable stock, and a little sherry or balsamic vinegar. Simmer untill all veggies are soft. Puree. Stir in some (vegan) cream and serve with crusty bread or pretzels.

Are you a cabbage eater?

5 thoughts on “Red, Blue or Purple?

  1. I like cabbage in many varieties: sauerkraut, red cabagge both raw and cooked and also coleslaw. I haven´t tried cabbage soup however. I think the colour of your soup could also be lilac, couldn´t it?

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