International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here is a poem I came across a couple of months ago and saved especially. I’m afraid I know nothing about Kathy Elliott, the poet, so cannot provide a link. I think it’s quite simply brilliant.



I am the woman

I am the woman who is unstoppable
I am the woman
Whose dreams are immeasurable
I am the woman
Of a different breed, unbelievable
I am the woman
Of all times, incredible
I am a woman
With passion and purpose, unspeakable
I am the woman
Who decides where I should fall
In this universe, unpredictable
I am the woman
Who refuse to lessen my dreams
To meet man’s expectation, inconceivable
I am a woman
Of greatness and this greatness
Should never be compromise, remarkable

Kathy Elliott


And here is a quote:

“The biggest gift a woman can give her children, especially her daughters, is an education”

Khady Diop

(If you’re interested, read about Khady here)

6 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Hi Cathy, Great poem. Inspiring. I had no idea today was International Woman’s Day. Tonight I will celebrate with some chocolate mousse and a bubble bath. Women Rock! Go Girl Power! 😉

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