Differing Opinions and Wise Words

I grew up during the Cold War. The threat of nuclear war seemed very real to a sensitive teenager like me, especially with all the media hype and films about at the time. Did that shape my opinions about nuclear power too? Or was it my love of nature?… Common sense?… Parental influence?… Idealism?…

There have been several articles in the international press recently, in view of the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, which speak out for nuclear power, despite what happened. I have read them and still cannot fathom why Germany’s decision to phase out all nuclear power stations by 2022 is so strongly criticised both in Europe and internationally.

Wise words: This article here reflects my views, and I believe those of many people – normal citizens – who do not have a financial or political interest in maintaining nuclear power stations.

Some of the Chernobyl radioactive cloud was blown over Germany and many other parts of northern Europe 26 years ago – in some areas it also rained…  this means, for example, that wild funghi here will be contaminated for hundreds of years. The nearest nuclear power station to us, as the crow flies (or as the wind blows), is about 60 km. Chernobyl was about 1,500 kms away…

2 thoughts on “Differing Opinions and Wise Words

  1. It definitely has a worldwide impact, no matter where it actually happens. Very sad to think of things like these wild funghi that will be contaminated for so many years. It should make all of us think twice about sources of power. Very enlightening — thank you!

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