Pasque Flowers

The Pasque Flower

In the south of Germany the Pasque flower, Pulsatilla vulgaris, is also called the Easter bell (Osterglocke), the Cow bell (Kuhschelle) or the Kitchen bell (Küchenschelle).

It loves the calcium-rich, well-drained soil on the south-facing slopes of our valley. Here it enjoys the safety of a nature reserve.

These photos were taken on Palm Sunday, so they were flowering a little earlier than usual. Many were already going over after such a brief show of beauty.

Wishing everyone a lovely Easter and a very happy spring!

8 thoughts on “Pasque Flowers

  1. There are blue and red Pasque flowers being in bloom in our garden. Such delicate blooms!
    I love them very much. I think the red ones don´t grow in nature.
    You´ve taken wonderful photos, Cathy!
    Have a very lovely Easter!

    • I think it is only the country people or older generation who still call pulsatillas “Osterglocke” as most people now understand that to be the Narcissus. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  3. Oh I do adore these fuzzy plants, and I enjoy how their fragile-looking fuzziness belies their tough hardiness. I have a small patch that grows almost under the drip line of an old spruce! Not as moist as they’d prefer but I mulch (and water and talk to them) and they keep on coming, little darlings! Lovely post, as is the newer one with birthday wishes to your sister. Blessings! Gina

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