A few last highlights from an English garden in spring

While in England over Easter I managed to capture a few rays of sunshine in my Mum’s garden. This hellebore has been in a pot all winter, and clearly feels happy there! It is the only one we knew the name of: Pink Frost.

Bluebells, although not the native ones (Hyacinthoides non-scripta). No, these are the dreaded Spanish ones: Hyacinthoides hispanica… Why dreaded? Well, they are invasive and hybridise freely. This is putting the native one at risk.

A viburnum, just beginning to open up its tiny petals. The buds look quite waxy, like a plastic model!

And one final picture of that gorgeous hellebore again! I just couldn’t resist!

That’s it from England until I visit again in the summer. All the kind words about my Mum’s plants have been passed on thank you!

And thanks for stopping by!

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