As is the gardener, such is the garden.  

(Old Hebrew saying)

This garden(er)

  • is organized in an informal kind of way
  • can tolerate drought and heat but prefers not to!
  • is colourful
  • is growing and changing constantly
  • enjoys constant attention, but can survive without it!
  • does not like long, bitter-cold winters
  • loves bees, butterflies and other wildlife (except for lily beetles!)

What kind of gardener are you? 😉

21 thoughts on “Gardeners

  1. Smart, witty, and adventurous! Oh…not what you’re looking for? Okay, try: nourishing, productive, mulitdimensional, adaptable, resilient.
    Good food for thought, Cathy! Another great post.

  2. I am a gardener of children – not as a mum but as an aunt. I give shelter and protection, while let the kids explore and wide rooms. Empty spaces for lot of creativity, fun, experiments, thougths, teaching, respect for being. I like to know the last frontier and have a view from outside “auf alles” (on all).

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