The first Peony this year opened two days ago…

… as usual a little earlier than the others.

To make up for its lack of fragrance it has a wonderful double flower.

It is also slightly shorter than my other peonies, which means it stands up to wet and windy weather much better.

By the way, the common name for peonies in German (Pfingstrose) translates as Whitsun rose, as they usually flower at Whitsun. I have never heard a common name for them in the English language… Have you?

17 thoughts on “Peony

  1. OK First let me say I am envious, my peonies are still in tight bud stage. Next I am not copying, I just forgot to post my tree peonies photos from Winterthur, I can’t keep a thought in my head sometimes!

      • I think it is the combination of heat and humidity-who could blame them 🙂 They say there are some varieties that grow well here, but I have never had any luck with them!

  2. you know what, i learn so much from you…i really appreciate the knowledge that one imparts to other people…if time permits, i will surely scan your blog from its roots 🙂

  3. Hello, this is such a gorgeous site – I’m so glad I found you! And, just for fun, I have to bemoan my northern clime that I am delighting in watching my 2 peonies coming up… the first has leaves beginning to open on 6″ sprouted stalks, and the second one is peeking it’s red bumps a couple of inches high. Ah the joys of Zone 3! I shall drool over your flower photography until I can see my own blooms. We do have daffodils, violets and bergenia blooming, thank heavens. Cheers, Gina

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