Lovely Lizards and White Bleeding Hearts

Lacerta agilis – Sand Lizard

She posed for ages, so I could photograph her from her good side…

And then her partner came along, not wanting to miss out…

We always have several lizards in the rockery, along with slow worms and the odd snake… I rarely have my camera in my hand when they appear, but was actually trying to take a photo of this:

Dicentra spectabilis “Alba” is a great plant for a south-facing position. It flowers a little later than the pink ones, and lasts longer too, even in the heat we had on Friday (30°C). In fact this one continues to flower all summer, albeit with less fervour than at the beginning of the season. It has sun almost all day, is in stony, well-drained soil, and needs practically no attention!

(Except the odd word of admiration of course…)

14 thoughts on “Lovely Lizards and White Bleeding Hearts

  1. I like your lovely lizard photos and especially the close-up of the “White Bleeding Hearts”. I never
    saw a “Weißes tränendes Herz” thus far. I think, it´s a very beautiful rarity.

  2. One of my favourite spring flowers Cathy although sadly mine does not flower for months. The horticultural powers that be have given it a horrible new name which I’m refusing to use. Please send some of your heat in this direction!

    • I just looked it up… you’re right – it’s horrible! Lamprocapnos! Why oh why?… For me it will always be dicentra. (Our weather has changed overnight and it’s very chilly now, so maybe the warmth is coming your way 😉 )

  3. 30degrees, hot??my that was waaay cooler…we’ve reached all time high 36degrees last April!and that was an microwave oven experience tsk..anyways, those lizards are very photogenic, they should be in commercials 🙂 the flower is soo nice really liked it 🙂 !

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