Flowery Spring Salad

A bunch of crispy radishes  and some flowering chives inspired this lovely fresh spring salad. It is simple, yet its colourful appearance gives it that extra “something”…

All you need is half a cucumber, a carrot, half a bunch of radishes, a bunch of spring onions, parsley, chives, salt and pepper, and a little olive oil and white wine vinegar. Add any other herbs you have… lemon verbena goes nicely too.

Add the chive flowers and enjoy!

By the way, chive flowers are quite hot and peppery… a great way to add extra spice to any dish!

25 thoughts on “Flowery Spring Salad

  1. Chive flowers can be eaten? I´ve always been told not to eat chive when it flowers. Yesterday in a farm-museum-garden I saw beautiful chives-flowers. It is the time of violet (lila in german) coloured flowers.

    • Yes, they can be eaten! And I recommend you try them! The chives that flower don’t taste good as they are hard and strong, but the flowers themselves… Yum! A hot and spicy onion flavour… 😉

    • Well, the carrots and parsley are a good start for a spring salad, if you can eat carrots raw? And you can always put a few flowers on your plate simply for decoration… 😀

  2. That looks lovely! The lemon verbena (as I know now 😉 ) is a very good idea.
    I didn´t know that chive flowers are edible. On your blog is so much to learn!

  3. Not only does it look great, your salad is picture perfect. Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I need to buy a new lemon verbena plant!!

  4. What a lovely colorful salad! I am growing chives too and did not know you could eat the flowers either, will have to try it!

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