Leaves and Herbs

The other day I harvested the first tender salad leaves from my containers which I sowed exactly a month before… baby rocket and spinach, Japanese mustard spinach and red and green mustard leaves.

It’s great eating food you’ve grown yourself… Fresh and full of flavour, with that added bonus of knowing exactly where it came from and what went into it. Mixed with a simple vinaigrette with parsley, chives, mint, thyme and lemon verbena – all out of my garden and herb pots – this made a tasty dish of sunshine!

Add to that some grilled cheese and a simple salad of couscous with spring onions (not my own yet!), lemon and parsley…

… If you don’t have any fresh herbs, you still have time to sow some… Parsley is easy to grow, and so versatile. Coriander too. (Coriander flowers taste divine!) And  I have just sown a whole forest of basil! Basil is the main ingredient for my favourite summer dish – pesto – and is very happy in small containers on a covered balcony for example, where it is protected from heavy rain or cooler night temperatures. A sunny windowsill is also ideal. I barely cover the seeds when sowing and keep them moist by putting plastic or glass over the pots, then they germinate within a couple of days. I resow regularly till August, so we have plenty to harvest!

Do you grow herbs? And what’s your favourite one?

I’d love to hear your herby tips or recommendations!

15 thoughts on “Leaves and Herbs

  1. I planted chives for the first time this year; looking forward to the tasty results. I like to grow flat leafed Italian parsley and basil. Basil is definitely the “king of herbs!”

    • Hi there! It’s hard to find the flat-leafed parsley here. Must try sowing some. Chives are great too as they come up again and again every year!

  2. Hi Cathy, I love fresh lettuce out of the garden…. however I have never thought of growing it in pots… do you have just one lettuce in one pot… or more than one? Your food looks delicious and healthy, *Smile* Thanks for sharing ~ Mands

    • Hi Mands. I actually have salad “leaves”, not lettuces as such, and sow them haphazard in large containers. When they get a bit thick I cut them and eat them, and they grow back! 🙂

  3. Just planted Star Jasmine to hopefully bask in the scent of the bloom once they grow dense enough. I am inspired to grow some herbs hung on the railing of my balcony, yet, this climate is no alpine summer climate. Texas can have brutal heat. We are already having 90 degree (32.2C) + days. What herbs would you suggest growing in this climate? I love fresh Basil and Rosemary.

  4. Now remember my garden is 7 years old! I just made sofrito today with the cilantro and oregano from the garden. I have been harvesting spinach for 3 weeks. I have been pulling and eating pass-a-long onions from the farmer of the sheep farm down the road. Chives, dill, sweet cicely add to the daily mix!

    • It’s a great feeling, isn’t it! You’ve reminded me I need some dill… We call cilantro “coriander”, and although I grow it we don’t like the leaves, but have you tried the flowers just as they open? Such a wonderful flavour! 😀

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