Corydalis lutea

In the spring I showed some of the corydalis that grow in our woods and in my garden.(See here)

This one is a summer-flowering corydalis. It will flower right through to the first frost and will seed itself around profusely!

Corydalis lutea

It loves our alkaline soil… after all, it originally comes from the southern Alps. And it flowers from early May, adding colour to my spring corner as the tulips have faded and distracting the eye from the yellowing foliage of other spring flowers.

And it probably won’t stay where you plant it, in the recommended semi-shade, as it has a mind of its own…

By the way, Corydalis comes from the Greek for crested lark, which is so apt and pretty that I refuse to use the new name Pseudofumaria lutea! 😉

14 thoughts on “Corydalis lutea

    • They are small and not invasive… very easy to remove if you don’t want them and they don’t have large roots at all. Not like some self-seeders! 🙂

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