And They Called It…Poppy Love

Poppy Love

In the autumn of 2006 about a dozen home-grown poppy seedlings were carefully planted into an almost bare rockery. The following year they all flowered! (I’m always surprised when things survive a cold winter, snails and slugs, mice, etc!)

Rockery, May 2007

Since then they have become a well-established feature throughout the garden. Reliably hardy plants are so welcome in my garden… especially drought-resistant ones!

Rockery, May 2012

The bees love them…

I wish I could shrink to the size of an insect for a day, just to see things from their angle… Imagine climbing into a huge orange-red armchair with a purple cushion in the middle!

And the last two years I have also had pink ones, which are very effective planted near chives or irises, and are also pretty tough.

This year I will have to divide some of them again… anyone for poppies?!

26 thoughts on “And They Called It…Poppy Love

  1. Love the poppies, but you commented in another blog that you love to solve mysteries… I have a mystery volunteer coming up in my garden I haven’t been able to identify. Care to give it a shot?
    It’s the leaves in the very last photo:

    • Hi there! I took a look, and I have no idea what it is, but I think it is some kind of tree… so if you don’t want a tree growing there pull it up now! Talking from experience, in a couple of years this could be a major task! (We have all kinds of trees taking root in our garden as we live next to the woods!)

  2. If we could make dresses out of flowers, I might choose poppies for their texture and color. It’s fun to see how the garden has filled in over five years, very pretty!

  3. Now you planted a song in my head… Puppy loohoove, puppy looohoove… I love poppies especially the pink ones! IΒ΄ve never seen this colour before.

  4. Wonderful poppies, Cathy! If you later will divide them and perhaps have a plant left, I should be thankful for it.

  5. I love poppies! They are so vibrant and happy. And I must agree with Strawbwerry patch and say that rockery is beautiful. I’m really into rocks and natural outcroppings. Nice work Cathy. I am impressed. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Strawberryindigo. I love the natural look of a rockery as it’s less formal than most gardens, and flowers can tumble into each other without it mattering! πŸ™‚

  6. Your rockery is OUTSTANDING!! Absolutely gorgeous. I aspire towards a natural look like that and yours inspires me immensely. Thanks so much for another wonderful post! πŸ™‚

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