June and Veronica

Two of my best friends; the month of June and Veronica flowers, often called Speedwell.

I don’t know the name of mine, as it was one of the few plants in my garden when we moved here. Maybe gentianoides? (Apparently there are about 500 different species!) It is a low-growing one – about 30-40cm high – and very hardy and drought-resistant, probably because it is an older sort. It flowers from May to June and I always cut it right down after flowering… then the foliage grows back quickly hiding the gaps! (It sometimes produces a few second flowers).

I think it’s my favourite flower at the moment. (My favourites change with the wind!)

What’s your current favourite?

26 thoughts on “June and Veronica

    • It’s funny, but so many people love spiderwort and I can’t bring myself to like it at all! I actually pulled mine out last year! LOL!

  1. What a gorgeous color! I love seeing them in your header, too. 🙂
    I’ve been kind of digging the Black-Eyed Susans, lately. They’re a fresh, fun, wild lot. But, I must say that the puffy hydrangeas are in full glory right now, and I’m also thrilled to pieces that my gardenia bushes have FINALLY bloomed nicely (four years after being planted). It’s soooo hard to choose faves some times. 😉

  2. My favourite Veronica is the one with silver foliage and deep purple-blue spikes. I have a few different varieties of speedwell in my garden, but haven’t seen the silver type around lately.

    • That sounds really pretty. 🙂 I haven’t ever noticed ones with different foliage. I have another veronica that gets a lot taller and has thinner leaves, but the flower is almost identical.

  3. Beautiful! I love speedwell too! I just came across a ‘Crater Lake Blue’ version this spring with delightfully delicate, airy purple blooms. I can’t wait to see the summer breeze wafting lightly through it’s delicate flowers this summer. Thanks for sharing such pretty pictures!

  4. Beautiful!
    At the moment my favourite flower ~ Fragrance is the one of the Robinia-tree.
    Yesterday I was happy to see blooming broom in the wild. I have deep memories on train-rides to Hamburg with yellow broom and blue lupines next to the railroad-track. And it is a must to see every year 🙂

    • Oh yes, wild broom is lovely. Lupins are so pretty too. I’ve tried growing them in my garden, but they get eaten by the snails every time… I give up! 🙂

  5. I think I have this, but maybe just a close relative. Your photos are stunning, Cathy! What a pretty header this shot makes.

  6. Hey Cathy: Great post! You have such excellent taste in flowers and herbs…and words. I have been meaning to plant some speedwell one of these days and you have inspired me to really do it. It is amazing how beautiful some herbs can really be.

    My favorites change with the wind too…my newly planted roses are starting to bloom and I’m getting caught up in their scent…ahhh.

    • Thank you Strawberryindigo! I hope you do plant some speedwell – it will give you so much pleasure 🙂
      My first rose opened this morning too!

  7. I like the colour of your veronicas. My current favourite flowers are roses and peonies (probably because they are blooming at the moment).

  8. Veronica with its beautiful blue colour is such a lovely and delicate flower. I think it´s fitting well for a natural garden… I put it on my list of plants desired.
    My current favourite flower is rose “Leonardo da Vinci”, it´s so wonderful blooming just now.

  9. My current favorite is the California poppy and it’s the one with the brightest flowers for the moment. I love their golden glow when the sun is out…

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