Pulmonaria Honey Update!

About four weeks ago I showed you my Pulmonaria honey here.

This is what it looked like then.

This is what it looks like now.

Last week we did the taste test after waiting an agonizing four weeks!

I bought some fresh Bauernbrot (Farmers’ bread) from our baker’s, and spread each slice with a little butter and then dribbled some honey over – complete with the flowers…

The verdict: delicious! But we have to be honest and admit that we couldn’t really taste the flowers. The honey was definitely aromatic and tasty, but no particular note could be detected! However, the pleasure of eating such pretty honey made it worthwhile, and I will certainly do this again next year. And perhaps again this year too with some herb flowers from the garden… Basil? Mint? Lavender?

What herbs do you think would taste nice?