False Jasmine: Philadelphus

Sweet white blossom

In Germany Philadelphus is known as False Jasmine, Farmer’s Jasmine, or even Whistle Bush! (Pfeifenstrauch). The latter refers to the fact that the pulp is easily removed so children can make whistles out of the stems! (Source: wikipedia.de)

In the UK Philadelphus is known as Mock Orange. The scent is what has clearly given this shrub its names in both languages. The botanical name Philadelphus comes from an ancient Greek king of Egypt, Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

Philadelphus virginalis

At the beginning of June hundreds of tiny white double flowers of Philadelphus virginalis perfume the garden, and although not as wonderful as real orange flowers or jasmine, I still enjoy breathing it in.

Philadelphus coronarium

In our front garden the Philadelphus coronarius hardly smells at all and has single flowers. It is a real show this year!

Both shrubs grow to about 3 metres and hang slightly, making a lovely shape. And their long oval leaves are quite glossy, so they look good all summer.

And now a question…

In this flower, do you see what I see? (And this spooked me!)

Click on the photo for a closer look 😉