Sweet Williams

Dianthus barbatus

Also known as Sweet Williams

These hardy little flowers, originally from the Pyrenese, love my rockery!

Well-drained alkaline soil and lots of sunshine allow them to thrive.

They self-seed, and established seedlings survive the winter surprisingly well.

There were originally only three or four colours, given to me by a neighbour…

This year I counted 13 different colours and variegated patterns of my Sweet Williams!

(And I may have missed one or two!)

They flower in profusion in June, and some produce more flowers throughout the summer…

…filling the gaps the poppies leave behind when cut back.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that they smell wonderful… I must cut some to put in a vase this week!


19 thoughts on “Sweet Williams

  1. These lovely flowers with their sweet scent will always remind me of my mother. One year she sowed
    them and cultivated little plants, which were bed out in the end of summer. The other year these
    plants grew and bloomed. My mother always gave me plants and so every year I had “Bartnelken”
    beautifully blooming in my former garden.
    Since that time I love these colourful flowers….
    Your photos are very pretty!

  2. Sweet William are such sweet, happy little flowers. So glad they love your rockery. Maybe they don’t like the soil here. I try to grow them most years, but they don’t do very well. Your photographs are just gorgeous.

  3. They are beauties Cathy and the scent is a delight too πŸ™‚ I like their perennial relatives and am pleased this year to have some cuttings from a plant in my mum’s garden coming into flower now.

  4. You have such wonderful taste in flowers Cathy. I love Sweet Williams. Besides being so pretty, they are so free-seeding, they do their thing, all with no help from me, I just sit back and enjoy. πŸ™‚

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