Goat’s Beard

Aruncus dioicus

Otherwise known as Goat’s Beard


Donna at Gardens Eye View did a great post on this recently, with lots of useful information about the plant and how to grow it. Take a look at her site, as it is also full of photos of plants, thoughts on life, brilliant quotes, and she has an array of wonderful links too.


My largest clump of Aruncus is in a dried up stream bed, so it’s probably so well established now that it doesn’t mind being in the full sun.

The buds arch so gracefully…

Then as they slowly open they curve outwards and upwards…

… attracting all sorts of insects. Here is a rose chafer (Cetonia aurata)…

For a natural garden, or if you want more beetles, bees and (good) bugs in your plot, this plant is indispensable. As its flowers open fully they look “fluffy”, hence the name!

Read more at Donna’s Gardens Eye View!

22 thoughts on “Goat’s Beard

    • Thank you Elisabeth! I had never really looked at them closely before, but they have been wonderful this year, opening very slowly. And there have been lots of rose chafers.

  1. One of my friends has this planted along a wooden fence. It is such a graceful plant, and even pretty in the winter.

    • How nice – I imagine it would also look good at the back of a border. I cut mine right down in winter because it gets so squashed if it snows. Then I just look forward to seeing the new shoots in spring! 🙂

  2. I’ve had this plant for many years Cathy – it’s easy going and trouble free. It is not fully open yet but when it does I am going to have a closer look – your last photo has really opened my eyes. By the way it’s an absolute ****** to divide – we did it once and it took the combined muscle of both of us. Never again!

    • I only really looked closer this year, and have since found a new love for it. It looks better before it opens completely. Thank goodness I don’t need to move mine, as it’s pretty big and has been there for (as far as I know) about 35 years! 😉

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