Summery Flavours: Orange Mint

Mentha citrata

(Otherwise known as Orange Mint or Bergamot Mint)

There are a lot of different types of spearmint in my garden (which are spreading a little too much), occasionally used when cooking potatoes, or added to a salad. But the orange mint has remained in a pot next to my lemon verbena and citrus thymes. Not being a great lover of herbal teas, I was a little worried about finding a use for it.

Well, I took the plunge and picked a few leaves, popped them in the teapot and poured almost-boiling water over them. A few minutes later I poured some into a teacup and… it was delicious! Nothing like the dried tea I’ve had before. This tasted smooth and almost sweet. Not at all bitter. And not what I associate with the tea prescribed for tummy aches or indigestion!

It tastes very refreshing cold too.

Other uses:

  • Mint goes very well with beetroot
  • One or two leaves added to a salad gives a nice element of surprise
  • Use the flowers as decoration (or eat them!)
  • Simply chewing a leaf now and freshens the breath
  • Add a couple of leaves to some other finely chopped herbs, to mix into cream cheese

Perhaps I’ll be a little more adventurous with mint later in the year…

What do you do with mint?