Fragaria vesca

Fragaria vesca

(Otherwise known as Wild or Woodland Strawberries or Fraises de Bois)


Since much of my garden has a “wild” touch to it, these fit very well into the landscape. The name is misleading as they grow in open sun, and not only woodland. They are, however, very wild! They send out runners and spread quickly, and as ground cover are wonderful. Not only is the greenery welcome, but the pretty white flowers from May onwards and the first fruit a few weeks later create a magical, fairytale look.

Moreover, they taste and smell delicous, although they rapidly lose their flavour when picked.

Sweet treats for the gardener!

(And for the dogs – one of which has learned to pick them herself) 😀

14 thoughts on “Fragaria vesca

  1. Just now I nibbled some of the sweet “Wild Strawberries” in our garden. Yes, the covering of the ground with wild strawberries somehow looks like a picture in a book of fairy-tales.

  2. We have tiny strawberries like this in the grass. I have never seen them grow tall like yours. They have the best taste, though. Much better than the large ones.

    My friend used to bring her German Shepard blueberry picking with us, and he would eat the berries right off the bushes, faster than we could pick. Don’t bears do that, too?

  3. We had very few, very small ones in our garden as well. Unfortunately I haven´t seen any this year. I like your pictures!

  4. I’ve had these growing in my garden going on five years and this is the very first summer that I might…just might…get some fruit! Usually the hares nibble them down first thing in the spring and the plants are so set back that they don’t even flower. This year I have a fabulous grouping of runners and blooms and I have such hope! 🙂

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