27 thoughts on “Lily for a Day (and a Haiku)

  1. Our orange lilies have only few blooms this year as we have transplanted them.
    I like their colour and faces. Lovely Haiku!

  2. As you know Cathy I love to write poetry…this is a lovely poem with gorgeous pics…the orange is so vibrant!

    • Hi Donna! These were photographed on a cool morning, but they fade so quickly in the heat. I must get out earlier with my camera when it’s so hot!

    • Thanks pbm garden! It’s a wild flower (some may say a weed!) called vetch. I think it’s called crown vetch. It is given a little freedom to spread in this part of the garden, and will be cut before it goes to seed! It’s the first year it has been in flower with the lilies, and I like the colour combination too…

    • Yes, this is the borderline “wild” bit in my back garden! I let some wild flowers get to a certain size before cutting them back or pulling them up. The vetch is so pretty this year!

  3. Lovely! They are blooming here now, too. The ones out by the garden are just stubs, (the deer like lilies!) but my neighbor has a large clump of them in the next yard.

    I was just going to ask what that flower was, but I read the other comments. Now, I recognize it!

    • I’m so lucky there are no creatures around here that eat the day lilies – I have lost so many plants to snails and mice this year, I couldn’t take deer as well!

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