Old World Swallowtail

Old World Swallowtail

(Papilio machaon)

(Also called Common Yellow Swallowtail)

When I saw this I got so excited and rushed for my camera. It was fluttering around at such a speed, and so was I!  I was worried I may not catch a photo – but I managed to get a couple, if somewhat blurred.

I was completely wowed by the size and the “tail” of this butterfly. I had never seen a swallowtail before!

Hope it visits again soon!

24 thoughts on “Old World Swallowtail

  1. Cathy, these are absolutely grand photos! Thank you!!! Last summer I saw the swallowtail for the first time in my life and I was exceedingly happy. This year I´ve seen this beautiful and rare butterfly fluttering through our garden already two times.
    I also hope it visits again soon…

  2. Oh wie schön! Ich freu mich auch immer, wenn ich welche sehe. Nicht jedes Jahr habe ich das Glück. Vielleicht hast du das Glück und findest Raupen auf Dill oder Mohrrübenkraut. Liebe Grüsse!

  3. I think it will. You have something it likes. It looks like our eastern tiger swallowtail. I posted photos of it today.

  4. Happy first swallowtail. They’re common in Texas (and other parts of the USA, as some of your commenters have noted) but difficult to photograph, because they seldom stop fluttering.

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