2,962 Metres Above Sea Level

Something completely different today…

Feeling on top of the world!

(Well, Germany anyway!)

Recently my sister visited me here in Bavaria, and we drove down to Garmisch on the German/Austrian border to cool down at the top of Germany’s highest mountain: the Zugspitze.

Do we really want to go up there?

Okay, here goes…

This view made it all worthwhile!

There’s a sausage kiosk at the top, a beer garden(!), a restaurant and the obligatory souvenir kiosks. But it was still magical.

The way down is on a rack/cogwheel railway, mostly in a tunnel, but the lower half of the journey was above ground and I could see so many beautiful alpine flowers. I only managed to get a photo of this one…

Alpenrose (Rhododendron hirsutum)

Have a wonderful day everyone!