34 thoughts on “Time (Part One)

    • Thanks Robin. It’s interesting to take just one flower and observe it intensely… I find I miss so much that is going on in my garden!

  1. I like this flower – modest but very lovely. I think butterflies love it…
    A wonderful time sequence with perfect pictures!

  2. Love this photo series! Great way to document such a pretty plant. I have Scabiosa caucasica ‘Perfecta’ in my garden – one of the blooms just opened this week and I’m waiting on the others.

  3. What a great idea! Without my own garden, I’m never quite sure whether what I’m seeing now is the same plant as the one from two weeks ago. Look forward to the next in the series.

    • The way the scabious sways prettily in the wind can sadly not be captured, but the beauty of each flower can – when there’s no wind!

      • Beautiful yes I try to catch my blooms at times in motion and can never get camera to see what I see in a beautiful sway 😦

  4. Captured beautifully. So delicate touch you want it, and crawl, and daruf sit, look at the natural world from a different Perpektive, as a little elf. Your pictures take me on a journey in my imagination ….. thank you. Best wishes, Louise-Lotte

    • This was the same flower (I think!) in each picture, so the background included the scabious greenery and a red ground-cover rose. The wild ones near us are all purply pink.

  5. Your photos are very impressive! The flower is always in the same place. It looks as if these pictures were taken just seconds after each other.

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