Delicate Beauty

Thalictrum “Elin”


On a silvery green, robust stem almost 2 metres high, this giant bears surprisingly tiny flowers – clouds of delicate petals in pretty pastels resembling spring blossoms. Thalictrum hybrid “Elin”, a cross between Thalictrum rochebrunnianum and Thalictrum flavum, is easy to miss without some kind of background – here some tall grass, which also provides some shade from mid-June onwards.

 Thalictrum has a long flowering period – June to August if the heat doesn’t get to it – and this one is very hardy, having already survived four bitter winters as well as a few long periods of drought. I have never watered it, fed it, cut it back or given it any attention at all, yet it rewards me with its beauty every year.

By the way, although the common name in English is Meadow-rue, it is not a member of the rue family.