Fritillary Butterflies (and a Haiku)

I wish I could fly

And swoop like a butterfly

Silent, elusive


I believe this is the Marbled Fritillary (Brenthis daphne)…

And this may be the Weaver’s Fritillary (Boloria dia)…

But there are so many different fritillaries that look so similar, so if you know any better, please correct me!

(Look here, and you’ll see what I mean!)


29 thoughts on “Fritillary Butterflies (and a Haiku)

  1. So lovely pictures and haiku, Cathy! Yes, it´s very difficult to identify “Perlmuttfalter”, just as

  2. I’m with Donna on this. I reckon they’re all lovely, the pictures too, what’s the worry?! And what a great way to spend a summer’s day – waiting for butterflies to settle long enough to take their picture!

  3. I love the haiku! (Me, too, BTW)
    Great shots of both butterflies. We have the silver edged fritillary, but not these.

  4. I am so envious – we’ve hardly seen any butterflies due to the rain and when I finally saw one yesterday it wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to photograph it. I must have looked like a mad woman just around everywhere… the lesson I need to learn is patience!

    • They are all beautiful – even the cabbage whites that are laying their eggs on my rocket leaves… (Had to harvest all the rocket before the caterpillars ate everything!)

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