Bee Hawk-moth

A few weeks ago I showed a photo of the Hummingbird Hawk-moth,  which is often seen hovering around my garden.However, this year I have seen another member of the Sphingidae family for the first time…

Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth

(Hemaris fuciformis)

It is not quite as fast as its cousin, but still very hard to photograph! I think you can see the colours quite well, though. And its soft furry body really is reminiscent of a bumble bee!

I was so pleased to see this creature, as it is on the list of endangered species in Germany.

Links to Wikipedia:

Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Broad-bordered Bee Hawk-moth

31 thoughts on “Bee Hawk-moth

  1. Cathy, I admire you for shooting so wonderful photos – especially with butterflies buzzing around so busily.

  2. Interesting! I´ve never seen one before. The colours are really different to others of that family. If you find a caterpillar with a pike – its on of a spinghidae.

    • We found a caterpillar once, several years ago, which must have been one of this family… enormous! (We think it was an Elephant Hawk-moth, but I don’t have a photo).

    • There are actually quite a lot of different ones – maybe a dozen or so in our region. I’ve seen the hummingbird and bee hawk-moths this year, and in the past also a willowherb hawk-moth. All are wonderful!

  3. Love it!
    Only time I have even seen one is when Lilacs are in bloom and I am doing dishes and have a hard time getting it perfect in my Lens through the SCREEN so thank you I will sit back and admire your capture!

  4. I see a couple hummingbird moths a year. They are similar to yours, but not so colorful. What is that plant, they seem to love it?

    • Hi Snowbirdpress. Having never seen a hummingbird I cannot imagine such a tiny bird! The bee hawk-moth’s wingspan is only about 4 or 5cm – how big are hummingbirds?

  5. I´ve never seen a bee-hawk moth before. Very interesting but I probably wouldn´t like to have it somewhere in my garden. It´s a bit creepy.

  6. What an evening!!! Ich habe heute abend im Licht der Dämmerung wieder den “Labkraut-
    schwärmer” und zum ersten Mal den “Kleinen Weinschwärmer” gesehen. Both seem to love my Phlox. I´m happy like a child!

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