(Polygonia c-album)

It was the strong orange colouring and the beautiful scallopped wings that enabled me – a beginner in terms of butterfly names – to decide what this butterfly was. When I zoomed in on my photos, I was also able to see the white “comma” on the underside of the wings. (In German this is interpreted as a letter “C”, thus the German name “C-Falter”.)

Like all the butterflies to visit my garden, it loved the Centranthus ruber (Red valerian) and the lavender. This was about two weeks ago, when my lavender was still in full bloom.

22 thoughts on “Comma

    • Thank you. I have only seen it this one time… I suppose if I sat near the lavender all day I’d see more, but there are other things to be done! 😀

    • Thanks Strawberryindigo. I think nature is so clever when it comes to colour co-ordination! Lavender and orange should be put together more often! 😀

  1. Now and again the “C-Falter” is visiting my garden and each time I´m glad to see it. This butterfly also loves the blooms of wild oregano. Beautiful pictures with the lavender!

    • Thank you Elisabeth. I’m glad to see any of the more unusual butterflies. The cabbage white are becoming a nuisance – they have laid eggs on my salad leaves and there are baby caterpillars eating all my rocket!

  2. I read the title ´comma´ and knew instantly, you met a Polygonia C-album 🙂
    Again wonderful colours orange blue. Have a nice day! Uta
    (I can´t register right now)

  3. My Lavender is too far away from me to see all the action it must be getting up on berm I filled with my assorted plantings. I must add a bench or a simple chair to sit and photograph from while I play Frisbee with the pup. OH and I see Purple and Orange and dark Brown in a jewelry piece as well. Natures colors look awesome together

      • Right On! lol I always look to nature to put colors together but they get so wild others shy away lol their loss I can always wear something pretty and COLORFUL! This is the reason I am doing Black and White today! lol I love Speed and in memory of Dad’s checkered Flags this has made the Plain feel good lol

  4. I got excited when I saw the title of this post, because I thought you were going to do a piece on punctuation. (Believe it or not, it does excite me when I run across people who care about such things. 😉 )
    But, I loved your butterfly, and I saw the ”C”! It’s amazing that you caught that.

  5. Just beautiful! I saw my first one this year, and was quite taken with it. The lavender couldn’t be a better background for your shot. Very nice, Cathy!!

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