Inspiration – Awards and stuff

I apologise for the delay on a post about all these wonderful awards that have been bestowed upon me!

I am so grateful for these blogging trophies, and appreciate every single one…

As I also appreciate every single reader; all my (over 200) followers, all those who leave a comment or press the Like button, and everyone who simply stops by for a look now and then.


Now the awards…

First of all, thank you to for sending me the Inspiring Blog Award! Me? Inspiring? Well, all I can say is, I have been inspired by all your amazing blogs!

Melody’s photos of wonderful flowers, and her words and poetry on life and nature are very inspiring. Thanks Melody!


Then Robin at  and Tj at sent me an award called the Very Inspiring Award. Thank you Robin! Thank you Tj!

Robin’s blog is certainly very inspiring, with wonderful photos of her time spent in Europe, recipes, and her “Quotes from the masters” challenge every week.

Tj also shows us beautiful photos – her garden in southern Arizona, with its hot and dry climate is the inspiration for her informative and interesting posts on the plants and wildlife there.


Next, Carine at  nominated me for three (!) awards all in one go! The Lovely Blog, On Fire, and Addictive Blog Awards!

Thank you Carine!

Carine has a versatile and lively blog – a platform displaying her love for America and New York (as an immigrant from Paris!), as well as good books and beautifully photographed food. A very lovely blog Carine!


Dan at sent me the Illuminating Blogger Award a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Dan!

Dan is an aspiring writer; studying creative writing. Dan’s blog is his outlet for thought-provoking (and fun!) poetry, and a wealth of  illuminating ideas and thoughts on life and happiness.


Finally, gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award AND The  Reader Appreciation Award! Thank you Nutsfortreasure!

Click to visit the original post

Nutsfortreasure is an amazing lady! She blogs about so many fun and interesting things; nature, birds, flowers, wildlife and life! Great photos! (Love the hummingbird post)


I’m not sure which rules to follow, but they’re all similar, so:

7 things about me and some nominations

1. I love walking in the wind

2. I hate temperatures over 25°C

3. White chocolate has, and always will be, my favourite

4. I have only this year discovered that I adore raspberries

5. I “allow” lots of weeds to grow in my garden

6. My current favourite CD is Vans Joint, by Bill Evans

7. My favourite childhood toy was a farmyard

I am passing on the awards to the following very deserving blogs, all of which are relatively new to me:

Afternoon Popcorn Snack – Beautiful Blogger Award

Mary Going Native – Inspiring Blog Award

Vegetarian Ventures – Illuminating Blogger Award

EarthElixir – Very Inspiring Blog Award

The Pyjama Gardener – Blog on Fire Award

Gardenwalkgardentalk – One Lovely Blog Award

Tjs Garden – Reader Appreciation Award

The Garden Deli  – Addictive Blog Award

Congratulations to you all, and if you get a moment, take a look at the other fabulous blogs I’ve linked to!

Thanks, and Happy Blogging!