Parsley the Lion

The Herbs was a UK children’s TV series in the early seventies. Each character was the personification of a herb, with their own song, and the episodes took place in the Herb Garden.

Did you ever see it?

Among others, there was Parsley the Lion, who was extremely shy, but very friendly and lovable! (His mane was of parsley!) Then Dill, the neurotic dog, who was constantly chasing his tail. Sir Basil and Lady Rosemary. And Bayleaf the Gardener! I also remember the chive choir, conducted by the schoolmaster. But when I looked up his name (Mr Onion!) memories of other characters came flooding back! Senor Solidago the singing teacher, Sage the owl, the policeman Constable Knapweed

Here are a few links. It’s dated, but charming!

Parsley’s Song

Sage’s singing lesson

The Herbs

The Herbs and episode descriptions

The Herbs Homestead

The Herbs and Parsley DVD

21 thoughts on “Parsley the Lion

  1. This isn’t something I remember but on mentioning it to my husband, he started singing the character’s songs “I’m a very friendly lion called Parsley!”. I do like the feeling of remembering childhood favourites!

    • I love most of the old children’s TV shows… maybe some were not exactly educational or politically correct according to today’s standards, but they had something simple and pleasing about them! 😀
      (P.S. There are loads more episodes on Youtube too!)

  2. Aren´t they sweet! I like Parsley the lion with his cute little paws (even though I don´t like parsley as a herb). And yes, definitely for adults as well.

  3. This is one British show that didn’t get imported to the US. I like the idea of it. Do you know if it came from a children’s book?

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