Japanese Anemones

Anemone hupehensis

(Japanese Anemone)

White, pale pink, pink… and a yellow-green centre…

Japanese Anemones are those beautiful pastel colours reminiscent of the spring cherry blossom. Yet in German they are called “Herbstanemonen” – Autumn Anemones. Quite fitting as, even now – at the beginning of August, there is a hint of autumn in the air… Do you feel it too?

The buds have been bursting to bloom for a couple of weeks now, and last week they finally started to open.

In the uncultivated part of our garden someone once planted these anemones. Despite weeds, saplings, tall grass and a dry sunny position, they thrived, surviving many years of neglect before our arrival.

So they must be pretty tough plants… their fragile appearance is deceptive!

36 thoughts on “Japanese Anemones

  1. I have some I inherited from a previous resident in my garden. They are turning out to be rather invasive in my particular situation. But it’s true they are really lovely. As for autumn, we are just beginning to get what seems like the very first touch of warm weather on this side of the planet (Oregon coast).

  2. These Japanese Anemonies are certainly a marvelous flower… I’ve never seen them here … Funny how many flowers can become invasive. But I found a way to keep mint in it’s place, and now I wish I had done the same with a few others that have taken over everything. This has been a year the plants really love… rain, heat, humidity.

  3. Bewußt habe ich diese Anemonen noch nicht gesehen und werde mal achtsam sein. Die Herbststimmung fühle ich auch. Eigentlich beginnt sie bei mir schon am 20. Juni, wenn die Tage wieder kürzer werden. Jetzt ist sie aber auch in der Natur und im Licht spürbar. Ich bekomme noch zwei Wochen Sommer in Rumänien geschenkt. 🙂 LG – Uta

    • Surprisingly, this patch has not spread much at all, but has simply done well every year and is always healthy and strong. I’ll blow some seeds in your direction in the autumn! 😀

    • Hello Mybeautifulthings.If it doesn’t rain the petals on these get paler as they age, until practically white! They always start flowering a bit early in my garden, as they are in a very sunny position.

  4. I love these! Even the buds are nice.
    We are having a patch of hot and humid weather right now, but will start seeing signs of autumn before the month ends.

  5. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I have some ‘autumn anemones’ as you say they mean in German but mine are white. They have not bloomed yet but it makes sense cause there is no hint of Fall in the weather just yet. I love the white Jap anemones but now I think I love the pink ones even more! 🙂

  6. We have pink “Herbstanemonen” in our garden, but they are slowly fading away. Their place is in
    front of bushes growing too mighty. I always loved my pretty “Herbstanemonen”.

    • They are such attractive flowers. I wonder if they can be moved to a different place. I’ve read that if they are old plants the roots are too deep to be moved, but I don’t know if that’s true..

  7. Yes,I´ve read too, that older plants have too deep tap-roots, but it would be easy to detach runners
    in early spring. Maybe I should try it!
    (Sorry, ich glaube, das mit dem Einrücken hat dieses Mal nicht geklappt?!)

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