Hibiscus syriacus

(Rose of Sharon)

In my first garden we had a beautiful violet blue one. Here I have this gorgeous pinky purple specimen. I have also seen white ones, with a pink centre. The leaves are a pale, fresh green, and the shrub’s upright growth means the flowers are shown off proudly to their full extent, attracting lots of bees and insects.

It is the national flower of Korea, and originally comes from Asia. Each indivudual flower lasts only a day, but there are hundreds of them!

This is another one in my garden… also a pinky lavender colour, but with double flowers…

The greenery doesn’t appear until very late – mid May perhaps. Then the flowers are a wonderful splash of colour late in the year, flowering from the end of July through August, and sometimes even into September. The shrub loves heat and tolerates drought.

The common name “Rose of Sharon” is probably a mistranslation. Originally the Hibiscus flower was believed to come from Syria (hence “syriacus”). The rose of Sharon in the bible was probably a tulip or crocus. In some parts of the world the Rose of Sharon refers to other plants, such as Hypericum (St John’s Wort).

21 thoughts on “Hibiscus

  1. I have such marvelous memories of the hibiscus we had growing in our garden. They are truly spectacular when they bloom… Some of ours were as big as dinner plates! Yet even being so large a flower they still managed to hold that beauty in every inch.

  2. Beautiful! I didn’t realize they only lasted a day, my mother has a white one with pink on the inside, it is gorgeous!

  3. I love the Hibiskus with its unique wonderful blossoms. We have a blue and a pink purple shrub in
    our garden. The little tree growing near the house suffered very much during the last frosty winter.
    So we´ve cut it back to give him a last chance. It seems to me like a wonder – the plant recovered
    and has got big white blooms with a dark red heart again. I´m sooo happy especially since this hibiscus was a present of my husband when I once was very sick…
    Very beautiful photos of the Hibiscus syriacus, Cathy!

  4. This is so pretty, shot against the sky. My mom had a huge Rose of Sharon bush in the yard. It was like the first photo. They don’t seem to be that popular here in Maine. Maybe it is too cold.

    • Maybe it is. Ours withstood the bitter winter last year, but they can suffer if there’s a long freeze. The sky really was beautiful last week when I took that photo!

  5. The hibiscus has become one of my favourite plants. We do have several in our garden. One that looks like yours one that´s a bit paler and two very pale pink ones with a pink center.

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