Looking Up

As a child I was very curious and probably got on everyone’s nerves, since when asking for explanations I was constantly told to

“go and look it up”!

Eyeshine (Wikimedia Commons)


We had several “reference books”, encyclopaedias and dictionaries, all of which were very heavy, kept in the tall bookcase in the crowded corner of our living room… I often did look things up, but then I often didn’t.

Now, thanks to Wikipedia and Google, I have no excuse, and I look things up All The Time!

Here’s a list (I love lists) of a few things I have looked up in the last 48 hours or so …

The last one was featured on Bavarian TV last night… I love the German name Pimpernuss – much prettier than Bladdernut!  It is a large shrub that bears pretty white flowers. The way they hang down from the branches is interesting…

(Photo: Wikipedia)

The seedhead is a capsule which contains nut-like seeds. These can be cracked open, and the kernel is then seasoned and roasted, and eaten as a snack.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Or, in the Bavarian Forest, a liqueur is made with them. What a pity I don’t have one in my garden!

Have you ever heard of them? I hadn’t!

I’d love to hear what YOU have looked up recently!