And they really do shimmer like gold in the late summer sunshine.

There are many different species, but the most common ones found in the countrside here are Solidago canadensis and Solidago gigantea. The native Solidago virgaurea can also be found. Some countries view them as an invasive weed. Officially Germany is one of them. However, many gardeners here are grateful for it.

I am grateful for it!

Except for the fennel, nothing else will grow in the driest and hottest part of my rockery – I love it, and the insects love it too!

(But I do cut off the seedheads before they start to disperse their seeds!) 😉

I love seeing them down near the river, still standing proud in the midst of winter, snow and frost clinging to their silhouettes. From spring onwards they fill a gap where nothing else grows. Then in August they slowly open, until a bright streak of golden yellow lines our pathway – late in the summer the added colour makes them more than welcome.

(But keep an eye out for those seedheads!) 😉