Summer Flowers Part 1: Blue Potato Bush

Some pots on the patio, a few near the front door and some under cover on the balcony add colour and cheer all summer long. In this series I will present a few that have done well here this year.

Lycianthes rantonnetii (Solanum rantonnetii)

(Blue Potato Bush)

This bush produces masses of deep blue flowers with a golden “eye”. It resembles the potato or aubergine, also in the Solanaceae family. ItΒ loves the sun, but is a thirsty plant, cultivated for summer containers – the larger the container the better!Β  (Sadly it is not hardy).

In the German language it is often called an “Enzianstrauch”, Gentian Bush, due to its gentian blue flowers.

It flowers and continues to grow all through the summer, but apparently if overwintered it takes a while to get going in spring. This is the first time I have grown it, and I am not sure I have space to bring it in for winter. However, the cost of a small plant – which grows quickly –Β  is definitely worth it for the display of colour!


Tomorrow, the Abutilon…

23 thoughts on “Summer Flowers Part 1: Blue Potato Bush

  1. The groundhog came and ate a great deal of the leaves off my potato plants…. I was hoping to have flowers from them, but at this point, I’ll be glad if I have potatoes…. I never grew a blue potato before…. This is so lovely, I may just try it next year. Will you be harvesting potatoes from it this year?

  2. It’s a fabulous blue, isn’t it? When I was living in Queensland looking after my mother we came across a pretty pot of this bush and conceived a plan to grow it as a standard it in her garden. Low and behold, within 18 months it was twice as tall as I, and its’ ‘umbrella’ almost as wide. Really, the most glorious thing.

  3. The vine looks like my eggplant, you are right. It is very pretty, and a plant I will write down. I am looking for more things to put in pots. I doubt that I will have a garden in the ground in my next place to live.

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