Summer Flowers Part 2: Abutilon

I’m off to the UK later today for a brief stay, hoping to get some nice photos of my Mum’s garden again. My garden will be left to frazzle, but my blog will go on as usual! And my summer pots and remaining veg/herbs are in good hands, being watered and tended by my man of many talents… 😀

Yesterday I highlighted the Blue Potato Bush, which has been enjoying the heat and has flowered wonderfully all summer. In the second part of this series on summer container plants, an old favourite and some new varieties…

Abutilon pictum

I kept this standard abutilon in a light cool room over winter and it has done well for its second year. Last year I put it in the full sun – a mistake! It loves warmth and some sun, but suffers if the roots get too hot and can get scorched leaves too. This year it is in a sheltered, but airy spot, with partial shade on the balcony, and loves it!


Abutilon “Bella Mixed”

Planted from seed, sown in late April, these pretty plants took ages to get started, but have been beautiful, flowering since mid-July. Most of the flowers are “twin”, and last much longer than the Abutilon pictum flowers. They also love the heat and are much tougher than the Abutilon pictum, basking in the full sun on a baking hot patio!

The pink and orange ones have done best, but the creamy yellow ones have struggled a bit. These two will be rewarded and may spend the winter in our cellar…

I hope they overwinter as well as their cousin above!


Tomorrow the last summer plant in this mini-series; the Dipladenia…