Summer Flowers Part 3: Dipladenia

The final part of this mini-series on my favourite summer container plants looks at the Dipladenia…

Also known as Mandevilla, the Dipladenia only appeared in our garden centres a few years ago. My deep pinky red one, with a hint of orange in its centre, has come through three (or is it four?) winters in my cellar, performing wonderfully every year. There are various shades of pink and red available, and I think white too. It really needs some kind of trellis, as it likes to climb.

It loves the sun and heat, doesn’t wilt if I forget to water it, and is not susceptible to bugs at all. It needs a few weeks of sunshine in the spring before it starts flowering again, but then it flowers from July onwards, until it comes in for the winter before the first frosts.

The genus was named after Henry Mandeville, a British diplomat and gardener of the 19th century.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short look at some of my favourite summer flowers.

What do you have on your patio or balcony, doorstep or veranda? I’d love to hear what has been successful in pots for you this summer!