Summer Flowers Part 3: Dipladenia

The final part of this mini-series on my favourite summer container plants looks at the Dipladenia…

Also known as Mandevilla, the Dipladenia only appeared in our garden centres a few years ago. My deep pinky red one, with a hint of orange in its centre, has come through three (or is it four?) winters in my cellar, performing wonderfully every year. There are various shades of pink and red available, and I think white too. It really needs some kind of trellis, as it likes to climb.

It loves the sun and heat, doesn’t wilt if I forget to water it, and is not susceptible to bugs at all. It needs a few weeks of sunshine in the spring before it starts flowering again, but then it flowers from July onwards, until it comes in for the winter before the first frosts.

The genus was named after Henry Mandeville, a British diplomat and gardener of the 19th century.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short look at some of my favourite summer flowers.

What do you have on your patio or balcony, doorstep or veranda? I’d love to hear what has been successful in pots for you this summer!

20 thoughts on “Summer Flowers Part 3: Dipladenia

    • I know in warmer climates it can be grown in the ground too, and can climb several metres high. I especially love the fact that it actually thrives on high temperatures and strong sunlight – perfect for a patio!

    • I have several which I have collected over the years, but the space at the window in my cellar is limited! I also have to bring in my rosemary and bayleaf which grew a lot this year…

  1. One of my favorites, it loves the ridiculous heat here in the South! I still have to overwinter it though, and have had mixed results 😦 keeping it alive, it really doesn’t like the cold!

    • Our cellar is usually around 16°C in winter, and light, so it fairs quite well. It’s always tricky taking them in before the first frosts, and not putting them back out too early! I killed an oleander once by not keeping an eye on night time temperatures!

  2. I lived in Florida,US for 8 months and miss my Mandevilla, I never thought to bring some home with all my house plants it would have loved our summer this year. Winters in this house can be so dry maybe I should add a humidifier and over winter all my outside plants. I did a Geranium for the first time last year she is still looking awesome though I was warned about thorough cleaning as they can be loaded with white fly eggs.

    On my patio this year I have my monster Spider Plant, Some of the “babies” started in a pot with squash lol Rosemary, Aloe,Mini Zinnias Next year I will have tomato and green peppers on pation as well as all my herbs the garden plot will have structures for beans to crawl up and I will grow some corn, Rutabaga, carrots,garlic,Sugar snap peas,Summer and acorn squash, watermelon and a few large pumpkins for my favorite holiday and some sweet ones for soup on a cold and blustery New England evening 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend!

  3. I think this is my favourite from your mini-series. Such a lovely flower. How do you carry all these heavy pots inside? The thought of carrying all those pots kept me from buying non-hardy plants.

    • We have got a sack cart and a sturdy wheelbarrow, and can enter the cellar at ground level on the south side of the house.It doesn’t take long to tidy away the abutilon, dipladenia, a cordyline and a fuchsia. 😀 I hate to let things freeze, but the potato bush pot is just too big 😦

  4. Mandevilla is one of my favorites Cathy 🙂 Yours looks fabulous in your garden! The weather hasn’t been nice to our vine but it is making a comeback. Enjoyed your post

  5. wow that’s great, now I know finally the name of this plant, for years I see it in front of me in my neighbor’s garden, he just has this plant for sure there every season.

  6. Hi Cathy! What a beautfiul red! It is the perfect color for the garden this time of year. I also like the form of the plant, very nice.
    I have been growing tomatoes in pots that are doing quite well. They have been sitting in the drive way with some various flowers and they are having a grand time. 😉

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