The Three “P”s

As an English trainer I learned that the three “P”s are Presentation, Practice, and Production.

As a gardener I am learning that they are Patience, Patience and Patience!

As a cook… I’d never thought of this before, until I made this favourite sauce again the other day: Peas, Pasta, Parsley!

Many of the condiments and sauces traditionally served with meat and fish are difficult to pair with vegetarian dishes. And I do miss them. Mustard on tofu? Bread sauce with potatoes? Mint sauce with…? But my parsley sauce (which I ate with fish many years ago) appears now and then quite happily in my vegetarian dishes. Here’s a summer dish, combining it with summer veg.

Pasta and Peas with Parsley Sauce

Parsley Sauce

Melt 30g (1 oz) butter in a pan. Add 30g (1 oz) flour and salt and pepper. Cook for one minute. Slowly whisk in 225ml (1 cup) of cream and  225ml (1 cup) of milk. Keep whisking on a low heat until it thickens and is nice and smooth. Finely chop a large bunch of parsley. Remove the sauce from the heat and throw in the parsley. Stir and let stand a few minutes. You can reheat it if necessary when your pasta and peas are ready.

Cook as much pasta and as many peas as you fancy. Then smother with parsley sauce and enjoy!

P.S. A few years ago I read about an English woman who had a pea phobia. Apparently she could not even walk past the frozen foods section of the supermarket without hyperventilating! How awful!

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