English Borders

While in the UK, a couple of visits to nearby halls and houses have reminded me of how stunning the traditional English herbaceous borders can be.

This example is extremely well-sheltered, with high brick walls on both sides…

And it is interrupted every 100 metres or so by clipped yew trees, which offer a shady repose for the visitor…

In this case the planting was very natural and mostly traditional… hollyhocks, roses, phlox, a few annuals, and lots more crammed in to give each other support…

Further ahead we came across this incredible south-facing border which was perhaps 8 metres (24ft) deep, with a 3-4 metre (over 10ft) high wall behind. It seems to have been planted and left to its own devices for the summer. With a WOW effect!

The gardens of the next hall visited were slightly more formal… well, can a herbaceous border be formal? What would you say!

Colour was not lacking, despite it being late in the season after a dreadfully wet summer. Day lilies were still flowering and this deep pink phlox was beautiful.

On a smaller scale, inspired by these great borders, my Mum’s flower beds… full of colour and texture!

You can see where her ideas come from in this mixed border on the west side of the garden…

Aren’t English gardens fabulous! ๐Ÿ˜€

27 thoughts on “English Borders

    • Thanks! It’s all the rain they’ve had! It has rained every day (or night) in the past week, and apparently it has been like that almost all summer!

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